Master's Degrees

M.S. in Civil Engineering (MSCE)

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) now offers online courses that can be taken as part of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) degree. The MSCE program connects structural engineering with the disciplines of geotechnical engineering, hydrosystems engineering, environmental engineering, geosensing and geoinformatics, mechanical engineering and subsea engineering. Learn more


M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) offers an online Master of Science in mechanical engineering degree. The mechanical engineering graduate program provides students with an educational experience grounded in the engineering sciences and focused on producing a professional capable of systematically applying those sciences to solve real-world problems. The program encompasses advanced study and research in the areas of applied mechanics, control of dynamical systems, materials science, thermal and fluid sciences, and biomedical engineering. Learn more


Master of Mechanical Engineering (MME)

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) offers a fully online Master of Mechanical Engineering (MME) degree. This is a non-thesis degree program aiming to provide depth of knowledge in selected areas of mechanical engineering, as well as broader knowledge in other engineering, science, business or law topics. The degree is suitable to engineering graduates and working professionals seeking to expand their technical skills for employment and advancement in mechanical engineering related fields. Learn more


M.S. in Subsea Engineering

The UH Cullen College of Engineering’s subsea engineering online M.S. program is not your typical online course. The flexible and innovative online program in subsea engineering includes live videos of lectures, interactive web-based discussions and opportunities for one-on-one learning experiences. Learn more


M.S. in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) with Power and Energy Systems specialization

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers a non-thesis online M.S. in Electrical Engineering, with specialization in Industrial Power Systems (MSEE). The program provides advanced instruction to give individuals the level of technical and business expertise needed to meet the increased industry demand for highly skilled professionals. Learn more


M.S. in Petroleum Engineering (MSPetE)

The Department of Petroleum Engineering offers a fully online M.S. degree. This 30 credit-hour degree requires six hours of thesis work. Learn more


Master of Petroleum Engineering (MPetE)

The Department of Petroleum Engineering offers a fully online Master of Petroleum Engineering (MPetE) degree. This is a non-thesis, 30 credit-hour degree program. Learn more


Masters of Engineering Management (MEMGMT)

The department of Industrial Engineering (IE) offers an online Master of Engineering Management degree. The Engineering Management graduate program bridges the gap between engineering and technological problem-solving abilities of engineers with the administrative ability of managers to lead the day- to-day operations of today’s complex and global organizations. The online structure of the program allows engineering professional to pursue the graduate degree in Engineering Management (MEMGMT) in an effective and efficient manner. At the time of graduation, graduates are familiar with a variety of the engineering and management theories, concepts, tools, practices and procedures for leading and managing other engineers within their organization. Learn more