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Electrical Engineering

Online MSEE Program with Specialization in Power and Energy Systems

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers an online M.S. degree program in Electrical Engineering, with specialization in Power and Energy Systems (PES). The program provides advanced instruction to give individuals the level of technical and business expertise needed to meet the increased industry demand for highly skilled professionals. The MSEE program is available in both thesis and non-thesis options. (The thesis option will require coordination with a research advisor.)


Why the University of Houston?

The programs directly support the uniquely diverse industrial and technological environment of the greater Houston area, which is heavily involved in electrical generation, distribution, and consumption.

The courses offered in the program are designed to prepare students for the global industrial workplace and/or doctoral studies. Each course presents the most current information on topics such as power electronics and power systems, smart grids, adjustable speed drives, renewable energy systems, etc... Instructors who have significant practical experience in industry will be teaching these courses. This distinct advantage ensures that the content covered in the courses remains relevant, practical, and congruent to current technologies and applications. MSEE graduates with a PES specialization will be prepared with the expertise required to take on engineering leadership roles within the electrical industry. Those that choose a thesis option will additionally gain valuable research experience.

Career opportunities in power and energy systems, and electrical engineering in general, are excellent — especially in the city of Houston and the State of Texas. Alumni of the electrical engineering graduate programs at UH often work either locally or overseas for diverse companies including, for example, Halliburton, Schlumberger, CenterPoint Energy, and Burns & McDonnell.


Courses and Curriculum

To provide the most flexibility for working professionals, all of the core courses of the PES program are accessible online.

The online MSEE degree is a 30 credit-hour program. To meet the requirements for the MSEE PES specialization, 18 credit hours of coursework must be from the listed PES courses and the remaining 12 credits are electives and breadth courses.

Group 1: Power & Energy Courses: Core (9 credit hours); Electives (9 credit hours)

Mandatory Core (9 credit hours):

  • ECE 6305 - Power Electronics Converters and Control
  • ECE 6343 - Renewable Energy and Distributed Power Generation
  • ECE 6377 - Power System Analysis

Specialization Electives (Choose 3 courses/9 credit hours. No substitutions allowed with individual study or project courses.):

  • ECE 6308 - Advanced Batteries: Principles, Materials, and Devices
  • ECE 6317 - Adjustable Speed Motor Drive Systems
  • ECE 6318 - Power Converters: Modeling and Applications
  • ECE 6319 - Dynamics of Electric Machines
  • ECE 6327 - Smart Grid Systems
  • ECE 6329 - Protection and Monitoring of Power System Infrastructure
  • ECE 6379 - Power System Operations and Modeling
Group 2: Electives and Breadth courses (12 credits)

An additional 12 credit hours of approved Elective and Breadth courses must be taken to equal a total of 30 semester credit hours. Although students are given much flexibility in choosing their elective and breadth courses, a few suggested electives are:

  • ECE 6325 - State-Space Control Systems
  • ECE 6335 - Digital Control Systems
  • ECE 6336 - Advanced Microprocessor Systems
  • ECE 6342 - Digital Signal Processing

Please refer to our program website for additional details regarding degree requirements, and contact us if you have any questions.

All students enrolled in this program are required to attend an on-campus or online orientation, as appropriate. Students enrolled in a purely online section must work out the logistics of exams with their course instructors.

A description of the courses listed above can be obtained from the following link:

A description of all graduate electrical engineering courses can be obtained from the ECE web site or from the University of Houston Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog.


Additional Information

For degree objectives and application information:

For admission requirements, advising, and other information specific to the MSEE programs:

Application forms and other information related to admission can be obtained by emailing the Graduate Advisor (Ms. Kelly King) at ece_grad_admit [at] (ece_grad_admit[at]uh[dot]edu).

To receive additional information regarding this particular program, please email the Graduate Advisor (Ms. Kelly King) at knking [at] (knking[at]central[dot]uh[dot]edu).