UH-Extend Programs in the Cullen College of Engineering


The UH-Extend engineering programs are designed to serve the needs of a broad range of students, including recent graduates as well as mid-career engineering and technical professionals who are seeking the high-quality graduate education and credentials that the Cullen College is known for.

All the degree and certificate programs under the UH-Extend umbrella are designed to be completed from start to finish in a fully online format. All courses are taught online only, and there is no requirement for any on-campus or face-to-face components.

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  • All of the UH-Extend Master’s and Certificate programs consist of the same rigorous curriculum and coursework as traditional face-to-face programs at UH, and are taught by the same faculty. The only difference is in the mode of instruction, which is fully online.
  • Competitive and cost-effective tuition. All the available engineering programs under UH-Extend have a tuition of $745 per credit-hour, with no additional fees.

total cost for 30 credit-hour engineering Master’s degree under UH-Extend


total cost for a 9-hour graduate Certificate program


Who Should Apply

Admission requirements vary by program. Most programs require:

  1. Math background consisting of three semesters of Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
  2. College-level Chemistry and Physics
  3. An undergraduate Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).

While a background in a related engineering area is preferred, students in broader STEM fields are welcome to apply and may be offered a provisional admission consisting of a select group of leveling and introductory Master’s courses.


Application Requirements & Deadlines

Application Requirements
  1. Transcripts of all prior college education
  2. A summary of professional and relevant experience
  3. A supporting letter from your current employer is recommended
  4. GRE is not required. TOEFL or IELTS is required for international students only.
Application Deadlines

Fall semester admission deadline: July 1 
Spring semester admission deadline: December 1
Summer semester admission deadline: May 1 (not all programs have a summer admission option)

Those interested in applying should request more information here

Please note, application deadlines may vary by program. For the most up to date admissions deadlines, please click here.


What Degrees Are Offered Through UH Extend?

12 Master’s degree programs and 8 graduate-level certificate programs are available through UH Extend. Undergraduate degree programs are not offered at this time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Blackboard is the campus-wide Learning Management System (LMS) at UH. Our online classes are offered in one of the following formats:
  • Synchronous: In this mode of instruction, the instructor will deliver live lectures at designated class times using either Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The lectures are video-streamed live, and online students who choose to connect in real time via the internet can participate in live class discussions. All lecture videos are also recorded and are posted to the Blackboard course website within hours after the live class has concluded. This way, the lectures are posted online for all students to view. Instructors provide the material, lectures, tests and assignments that can be accessed online at any time. The online lectures are not time restricted, meaning you are free to access them any time, any place, during the semester. In addition to the regularly scheduled live classes, instructors also hold weekly, live, one-on-one, online office hours using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Asynchronous Mode: This is the traditional “on-demand” format of delivering online courses, where the instructor posts all the course content, including lecture videos, reading materials and assignments, on the Blackboard course web site. Many of the lecture videos are recorded in the “Mediasite” equipped recording studio classrooms in the Cullen College of Engineering. Even though this is an asynchronous mode of instruction, our instructors also hold weekly, live, one-on-one, online office hours using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

At this time, about 75% of our online courses in any semester are taught in the synchronous mode, and the rest in the asynchronous format.