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FAQs: Online Learning

  1. What is online learning and distance education?
    UH considers online and off-campus courses as distance education. Distance education courses have the same prerequisites as on-campus courses and are taught by the same UH faculty and instructors.
  2. Can I complete an entire UH Engineering undergraduate degree online?
    No. UH Engineering does not offer completely online undergraduate degrees at this time.
  3. Can I complete an entire graduate degree online?
    Yes. UH Engineering offers graduate degrees that can be earned entirely online.
  4. Can I take online programs without applying to the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering?
    No. You must be admitted into the UH Cullen College of Engineering in order to enroll in online courses.
  5. Will my diploma and transcript say “University of Houston” or “University of Houston Online”?
    Your diploma and transcript will be exactly the same as those of students who attended classes on campus. There is no indication that your studies were completed online on your diploma or transcript.
  6. How do I access my online courses?
    Students can use Canvas to find out whether or not their course will use Canvas. Please check with your professor to find out whether they will be using alternative websites or programs for your class.
  7. How do I find and enroll into online programs at UH Engineering?
    You can find and enroll into classes through your AccessUH account. Once you’ve logged into your account, select the myUH app to find and enroll in classes. You can also visit to learn more about online offerings.
  8. I am a current student. How do I find my academic advisor?
    To find your Academic Advisor, visit our Academic Advising page and select an advisor based on your college and career.
  9. I am a prospective student. How do I find my academic advisor?
    Prospective students who would like more information regarding distance education courses and programs can contact us at UHOnline [at] (UHOnline[at]uh[dot]edu).
  10. Is the admissions process different for distance education programs and courses?
    No. The admissions process is the same as on-campus programs and courses.
  11. What are UH’s admission deadlines?
    For the most current and up-to-date admissions deadlines, please visit the UH Office of Admissions page.
  12. Will my previous college credit transfer?
    In general, transfer credit is awarded if a course meets all of the following criteria:
    • Completed at a regionally accredited college
    • A grade of a “C” or higher was earned
    • Course is not a workforce or technical course
    • Course is not a developmental or remedial course
    • A maximum of 66 freshman/sophomore credits may be transferred to UH
  13. Do you have questions regarding undergraduate credit, international credit, or graduate credit?
    Students who transfer to UH from another Texas public institution where they have completed all of that institution’s core curriculum shall be considered by UH to be “core complete” and not have to take additional courses to complete the UH Core Curriculum.
    To earn a degree at UH, the last 30 semester hours must be completed via UH classes.
  14. Do I have to come on-campus for my online course?
    The majority of online courses are offered with no campus visits required. Consult with the instructor of the course to determine whether you’ll be required to come on-campus.
    UH students may be eligible for distance education proctoring services. For more information and to see if you qualify, please visit the UH Office of Distance Education Proctoring page.
  15. How do I find the classroom for my off-campus course?
    • UH Sugar Land: Classroom listings will be posted at UH Sugar Land in the lobbies of the George Building and Brazos Hall.
    • UH Northwest Campus: Classroom can be found when using myUH to search for courses.
    • UHS at Cinco Ranch: Classroom listing will be posted at UHS at Cinco Ranch.
      *Be advised that students must attend classes at the location indicated on the class schedule.
  16. How does a typical online class work?
    Online courses are term based and offer students additional flexibility when scheduling courses. A majority of UH instructors use Canvas as their preferred learning management system, though other systems may be used. Canvas allows instructors to easily share course work, to provide an environment for online students to interact with classmates, and to monitor students’ progress throughout the course.
  17. Are online programs comparable in quality to on-campus programs?
    Yes. The rigor and quality of online courses are exactly the same as on-campus courses. The faculty and instructors who teach on-campus courses also teach online courses.
  18. Can I get a student ID card?
    Yes. Students completing distance education programs and courses can contact the Cougar Card Office at 832-842-2273 to get their Cougar Card.