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Mechanical Engineering

About the Mechanical Engineering Online M.M.E. Program

The graduate program in mechanical engineering provides students with an educational experience grounded in the engineering sciences and focused on producing a professional capable of systematically applying those sciences to solve real-world problems. The mechanical engineering graduate program encompasses advanced study and research in the areas of applied mechanics, control of dynamical systems, materials science, thermal and fluid sciences, and biomedical engineering. Graduate students are taught by the world’s leading mechanical engineering researchers and are prepared to take on leadership positions in industry, government or academia in the Houston region and beyond. Career opportunities in mechanical engineering are excellent, especially in the city of Houston, the Energy Capital of the World. Alumni of the graduate program in mechanical engineering can be found in leadership positions in a variety of different fields throughout the Houston area and around the world.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) offers a fully online Master of Mechanical Engineering (MME) degree. This is a non-thesis degree program aiming to provide depth of knowledge in selected areas of mechanical engineering, as well as broader knowledge in other engineering, science, business or law topics. The degree is suitable to engineering graduates and working professionals seeking to expand their technical skills for employment and advancement in mechanical engineering related fields.

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