Student Help for Blackboard

Blackboard Learn is a learning management system that UH instructors often use to deliver coursework and assignments to online students.

Instructors rely on Blackboard Learn to communicate with students, deliver course materials, administer exams, or hold group sessions online. Blackboard is frequently used for online distance education courses, but instructors often use this tool in traditional face-to-face or hybrid courses on campus. When students register for a course that uses Blackboard Learn, they are automatically entered into Blackboard Learn and will see the course about 5 days before classes start or within 1-2 days of registration after classes begin.

While most DE instructors use Blackboard Learn, several math courses and history courses use CourseWare and CourseCompass, respectively as alternatives to Blackboard Learn. Some instructors even use their own site.


Official Enrollment

Students are added into Blackboard 24-48 hours after they officially enroll in a course in myUH (PeopleSoft). When a student is officially dropped from a course, the student may or may not be removed from the course roster inside of Blackboard. If a student has officially dropped a course through the registration system add/drop process, for whatever reason, the student is no longer a member of the class even if the student has not yet been removed from the Blackboard portion of the course. After an official drop has been processed, the ability to access Blackboard does not constitute enrollment in a course.


Blackboard Resources

For common Blackboard FAQs and troubleshooting assistance, please visit


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