Mechanical Engineering

About the Mechanical Engineering Online M.S. Program

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) offers an online Master of Science in mechanical engineering degree. The mechanical engineering graduate program provides students with an educational experience grounded in the engineering sciences and focused on producing a professional capable of systematically applying those sciences to solve real-world problems. The program encompasses advanced study and research in the areas of applied mechanics, control of dynamical systems, materials science, thermal and fluid sciences, and biomedical engineering.


Why the University of Houston?

Graduate students are taught by the world’s leading mechanical engineering researchers and are prepared to take on leadership positions in industry, government or academia in the Houston region and beyond. The M.S. degree plan in mechanical engineering specifically addresses the needs of students who seek to study engineering sciences as applied to the energy industry. Graduates of the mechanical engineering programs at UH are in high demand in the thriving Houston economy — in fact, 94 percent of students earning their bachelor’s degrees secure full-time jobs before graduation.


Careers in Mechanical Engineering

Career opportunities for mechanical engineers are excellent, especially in the city of Houston, the energy capital of the world. Alumni of the mechanical engineering graduate programs can be found in leadership positions in a variety of fields throughout the Houston region and around the world.

A 2015 salary survey produced by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that new graduates with an M.S. in mechanical engineering earn an average starting salary of $70,161.


Courses and Curriculum

The online graduate degree plan in mechanical engineering consists of 10 carefully curated online courses (a total of 30 credit hours) that will specifically address the needs of students who seek to study engineering sciences as applied to the energy industry.

Ten mechanical engineering courses that are offered as online classes include:

  • Intelligent Structural Systems
  • Engineering Heat Transfer
  • Conduction and Radiation
  • Convection Heat Transfer
  • Functional Engineering Materials and Applications
  • Control System Analysis and Design
  • System Identification
  • Method of Applied Mathematics
  • Flow Assurance
  • Riser Design

A description of the courses listed above and all graduate mechanical engineering courses can be obtained from the UH Graduate Catalog:


Additional Information

For degree objectives and application information:

For admission requirements, advising, and other information specific to the mechanical engineering program:

Application forms and other information related to admission can be obtained by e-mailing the Graduate Advisor at megrad [at] uh [dot] edu.

To receive additional information regarding the mechanical engineering online M.S. program, contact the program advisors: megrad [at] uh [dot] edu.

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