About UH Engineering Online Programs

Online learning programs at the UH Cullen College of Engineering aren't your standard online courses. The flexible and innovative digital programs in engineering include live videos of lectures, interactive web-based discussions and opportunities for one-on-one learning experiences.

Most importantly, the degrees earned through the Cullen College’s online programs are exactly the same degrees earned by students who choose to attend classes on campus. The online courses are simply digital versions of the in-person courses – the programs have the exact same rigor, expectations and admissions processes. 


Why UH Engineering?

The University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering, located in the energy capital of the world, is one of the nation’s premiere destinations for engineering research and education. Ranked among the Top 100 best engineering colleges in the country by U.S. News and World Report, the Cullen College is home to some of the world’s most prominent engineering researchers, centers and laboratories, and cutting-edge research collaborations.

The University of Houston’s Cullen College of Engineering attracts not only the best and brightest students, but also the most diverse, spirited and entrepreneurial engineers in the world. The Cullen College is integrated into the DNA of the city of Houston, and UH Engineering students benefit from the vast array of internship and professional opportunities at companies and firms across the region. Moreover, a network of more than 19,000 UH Engineering alumni, many holding leadership positions across the Houston region and beyond, actively recruit UH Engineering students for professional positions.


About the Online Programs

All of our online engineering programs are specifically designed for working engineers, offering the same rigor of face-to-face classes with the added flexibility of learning whenever and wherever you choose! Online and in-person classes are exactly the same, and online students earn the exact same degree as on-campus students.


About the Online Courses

As a UH Engineering graduate student enrolled in an online program, you will be taking the same classes as on-campus students but in an online environment. In some cases, the in-person classes are filmed and posted online for all students to view. Instructors provide the material, lectures, tests and assignments that can be accessed online at any time. The online lectures are not time restricted, meaning you are free to access them any time, any place. Typically, all courses are available for download and viewing two hours after the "live" lecture has been captured.

All of UH Engineering’s online classes use the same faculty who teach in our on-campus programs, and for the larger course sections additional teaching assistants will provide further resources for the students. You will need to view course lectures and content online regularly to keep current with homework assignments, quizzes and exams. Professors post assignments, hold telephone and e-mail office hours for discussion, host web-based discussions and meet-ups, and offer opportunities for one-on-one meetings online, by phone and in-person.


Completing Your Online Engineering Degree

Many UH Engineering students complete their online degree or certificate programs within three years. However, there is no time limit on completing your online degree. UH Engineering’s online programs are geared toward working professionals, providing the flexibility to complete your degree on your own schedule.